/Arutr's Curriculum vitae
Arutr Aralin
Arutr Aralin 21.04.1997 (22 years old)
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  • Telegram: @aaralin
  • GitHub: ArturAralin

About me

Start write code at 8th grade and it's still excites me. Permanently tracks IT sphere events, new technologies. Attentive to detail in work.
Also play music. Have a band.

Target vacancy

Senior node.js backend developer


Total progress ~ 10 years
WORK since 03.2019 to 07.2019 R-Vision Aggregation and automation in information security sphere.
Main tasks was writing microservices with Node.js, NestJS
Technologies: Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, TypeScript, NestJS
WORK since 07.2016 to 07.2019 Lodoss Team Outsource web development. In general writing Node.js microservices, design applications, databases structure. Technologies: Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, Docker, ElasticSearch, TypeScript, Tarantool
EDUCATION since 09.2014 to 08.2019 Southern Federal University at Taganrog Faculty of information technologies security.
Specialty Information security of automated systems
EDUCATION since 2010 until today Start of the developer way Start writing programs at 8th grade.
First programming language was a QBASIC

Hard skills

Main: JavaScript (VanillaJS), Node.js, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Docker, Linux, TypeScript, Database design, Functional programming, Git, Express.js

Have experience witch: Clojure, Python, Lua, PHP, Tarantool, Extjs, Vue, React, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Arduino


Have a two general hobbies: writing programs (unexpectable, really?) and playing/writing/recording music.